Our Research:

    Executive Summary:
  • Student mobility can be an issue in many urban areas where the population is predominantly minority and are low-income.

  • Schools districts in Genesee County and, specifically, Flint Community Schools have declined in student population recently.

  • During the period of declining student population in Flint Community Schools, the amount of students that reside within the school district and are enrolling elsewhere has increased. A majority of these students are attending public school academies or charter schools, especially grades K-8. In high school, a majority of students that enroll elsewhere are attending another public school district.

  • Recommendations for further analysis include the following: student level monitoring of where they are going,after-school program attendance, and test score performance before and after moving schools; examining changes in school or district policies and opening/closing of schools; investigate socioeconomic factors of families in the region; continued analysis on student data presented in the report.

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