Our Services:

Map Flint works with community members and organizations to collect, share, and visualize data to answer questions about local challenges, and inform local decisions and policy. Map Flint provides online mapping capabilities for use by the general public and researchers along with additional support to projects as they are requested, and vetted by our Advisory Committee.

Our services include:

  • Training for Individuals and Groups on Data Use and Mapping
  • Data Collection and Management
  • Mapping Services including static maps for download, Online mapping tools, and log-in protected mapping tools for organizations
  • Research on topics of interest. If you are interetsed in working with us on a project please contact Sara McDonnell to begin.

    Map Flint is a partnership between UM-Flint's Outreach Department and GIS Center. The GIS Center's mission is to leverage interdisciplinary collaborations in the use of geospatial technonology and provides mapping services to the campus & community on an ongoing basis. Please contact Troy Rosencrants, to discuss your project needs.

    University Outreach connects campus and community to support learning, collaboration, and partnerships. Much of this work centers on public engagement, and data collection and management. This is done on a project basis for community partners in the areas of environment, economic development, and education.
    Please contact University Outreach for more information.

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